Cinematic Wedding Videography

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Build Your Own Package:

Looking for something different? We can help you put together a custom package! These options are broken down into two main  parts that you can mix and match based on what you want to see in your final video: Capturing the day (video recording), and Editing (the process of hand-selecting all the best moments and camera angles, and mixing together with dialogue audio and/or music).


Everything starts here:

Ceremony recorded with three HD cameras (two camera operators) and wireless microphones, Edited (ceremony only) and delivered on 3 sets of DVDs, BluRays, and HD Digital Copies = $850


Then, add on anything else you would like:


Capturing the Wedding Day:

  • Additional camera operator for the ceremony +200
  • Pre-ceremony coverage, one camera** +$300
  • Additional camera operator for pre-ceremony coverage +$200
  • Reception coverage with one camera†† +$500
  • Extend additional camera operator into first hour of reception +$100
  • Additional camera operator for full reception +$300
  • Your Love Story – Interviews with you and/or your wedding party prior to the wedding +$400
  • Ultra High Definition 4k Upgrade (allows for photo prints from the video!) +$500




Editing the video:

  • Unedited Wedding Footage (delivered on a standard USB drive) +$75*
  • Instagram edit. 45 second to 1 minute Instagram teaser video +$200
  • Mini Documentary edit. Adds the key moments of Reception footage to the ceremony in a documentary style, with live audio from the reception. Adds 10-15 minutes to the Ceremony video +$400
  • Short Film video edit. The best moments of the day in a movie trailer format. Full HD web-ready copy with licensed music and our unique style of custom animated title graphics. Average length is 5-7 minutes. +$1000
  • Documentary movie edit. This is ideal if you have both the pre-ceremony and reception covered, and creates an even better narrative if you add the Your Story interviews. Average length is around 50 minutes. +$1500
  • Same Day Short Film Edit- Show your short film at the reception! +$1500
  • Custom graphic design for DVD cover and DVD menus, plus 20x30 movie poster print of the DVD cover artwork +$500


  • Add 3 Blu-ray/DVD sets to our "Made for TV" packages +$200
  • Additional Blu-ray/DVD sets +$30 each
  • Video Playbook- a photo-style album with a video screen built in that plays your wedding video. Perfect for coffee tables, or gifting to friends and family that don't have a disc player or computer/smart phone. +$300
  • Customized SSD Drive for Unedited Footage +$300



Specialty equipment:

This is the gear that supports the camera and allows it to move smoothly around, up, over, and through, offering totally unique views that make the film even more stunning to watch. All of these pieces of equipment require additional training, insurance, and years of experience. The 18' Jib option will even come with an extra camera assistant due to the extra set up time needed.

  • Steadicam Great for smooth dancing and venue/decoration shots! All around good addition +$350
  • 18' Jib Perfect for ceremonies, getting high to low angles in big sweeping movie-like shots +$350
  • 30' JibLite Great as a drone substitute where aerial footage is impractical or prohibited +$250
  • Aerial Helicopter style flyover shots of your venue from a drone. Stunning location footage! +$250




Video Booth


People record personal messages to you! Self contained, like a photo booth!






Do you really like our style and want us to photograph the day as well? We can do that too! While our first love is the motion and emotion video captures, photography is also a great way of preserving details and small moments in time. We keep it simple with all-digital photo delivery, so you can print what you want (but we can also handle the printing as well, if you like).


  • Ceremony and reception coverage with one photographer. Posed wedding party and family photos will take place after the ceremony, unless pre-ceremony coverage is added.
  • Unlimited number of photos
  • Professional editing of your wedding photos, delivered on a customized USB flash drive
  • Personal use copyright release for all processed digital images
  • Add Pre-ceremony coverage +$200
  • Additional photographer for pre-ceremony +$150
  • Additional photographer for ceremony and portraits +$250
  • Additional photographer for reception +$200
  • Photo prints: +30% over cost per print, for the time to properly prepare each photo for print, and for quality control.
  • Note: If the 4k video option is selected, you will also receive a reference video copy with timecode numbers on it, so you can select your favorite frames from the video you want us to save for you as printable photos.



Travel rates are added for round trip mileage over 50 miles from either 37127 or 37421 at 2018 standard 54.5 cents per mile. 100 miles are deducted free of charge from the total round trip. If the two camera operators are not on location for the same length of coverage, the second operator's mileage will be added, since they could not travel together.



*FREE if you provide a hard drive. Typically requires around 100-200GB of free space. 500GB of space may be required if recorded entirely in 4K.

Prices subject to change. A signed contract and down payment locks pricing. Sales tax is applied to weddings that take place within Tennessee.



“Ceremony” coverage begins 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the ceremony, and ends once the mothers and/or grandmothers have formally exited the ceremony area. If the mothers and/or grandmothers are not formally escorted from the ceremony area, then the end time is based on when the wedding party has exited.

**“Pre-Ceremony” is defined as anything that happens prior to 15 minutes before the ceremony begins.

††“Reception” is defined as any coverage that takes place after the above defined ceremony.

Updated 12/14/17